Durbec | Statement


I’m the sort of artist who won’t finish a painting until I’ve taken it as far as I can. The aim of my art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

It is as if there is a sort of caged bird for every image and some images will sing louder than others to me. I think all the paintings in the Durbec exhibition are images that have instinctively been valuable to me for this reason.

I want audience to know what it is they're looking at. But at the same time, to offer a journey through an abstract experience, toward the landscape of the brush strokes, of the pigment, beyond an ordinary image. Catch people's attention like a caged bird, because the longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.

Born in 1977, Barcelona, Spain.



Academy of art Barcelona

3D CG Image at Pompeu Fabra


2018 Solo Expo Yiri arts. Taipei
2017 Solo Expo N2 Gallery. Barcelona

2018 Kunst Rai Art. Amsterdam
2017 Way Art Festival.
2017 Las tres gracias. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2016 Justmad. Madrid
2016 Crossroads London Art Fair
2016 Collective. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2015 SWAB art fair. Barcelona
2015 10 años at N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2015 Bares. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2015 Context Art Miami
2014 Vanitas y Bodegones. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2014 Students show at Barcelona Academy
2013 The Brandery. Barcelona
2012 BCNXL Smithfield Gallery, UK.


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"Using key figures, and recognizable symbolism, Jafet Blanch hopes to encourage his spectators to look beyond what is visually represented into the depths of what is philosophically represented. His paintings provide a lush, hazy environment where elucidation and observation flourish. The lavish tints, golden-filigreed details, and rich patterns of historical concepts set the stage for a world that begs the viewer for profound understanding and interaction."



"When you start something without knowing where to go, when you give 100% of yourself into the depths of the unknown just because you feel a certainty in your body that can never ever be confused, when fear is only a transparent memory covered with dust for years, we call this passion and passion is what we find in all the works of Jafet Blanch - lots of love and not even a drop of fear."





"Une force créatrice s’empare de l’art de Jafet Blanch. Elle a des couleurs sombres et teintées, scintillantes à quelques occasions pour révéler la vision du peintre sur l’évolution de la société et de l’art. En quelque sorte, ses toiles forment un lien avec le spectateur. Le peintre joue avec l’ironie pour instaurer une relation étroite entre l’œuvre et l’amateur d’art. Entre création, émotion et ironie, vous pourrez retrouver un nouveau maître d’un art singulier."





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