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"I strongly believe in the notion that the more we look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and paradoxically, the more real it seems to us. In my works, the shapes, colors, and textures are a visual dialogue that invites reflection and discovery. My artistic vision is focused on this play between the abstract and the real, between essence and appearance, between the visible and the invisible."

Jafet Blanch, born in 1977 in Barcelona, Spain, is a renowned visual artist. Trained in Fine Arts, he expanded his studies as a filmmaker at Pompeu Fabra University and obtained a master's degree in Art Therapy by Jean Pierre Klein. He has combined his artistic career with roles such as art director and is the inventor and founder of DrawScope.

Through his art, Blanch, explores and redefines both historical and artistic narratives. His work, deeply rooted in human experiences and notions of the collective unconscious, seeks to unravel emotions like vulnerability and desire. His art is in private collections and has been showcased in numerous galleries and fairs, such as Yiri Arts Taipei, N2 Gallery Barcelona and Deux6 Paris. His solo and group exhibitions reflect a unique approach that blends the classic with the contemporary, inviting reflection on universal themes.


MEAM museum, Barcelona.

Montsantos Fundation, Mexico.

Peter Upton, Florida.

Olor Visual Fundation, Barcelona.

Hotel Princess, Barcelona.

Jorge Bach, Barcelona.

Private Cuevas, Madrid.


2020 Deux6 Gallery. Paris

2018 Solo Expo Yiri arts. Taipei
2017 Solo Expo N2 Gallery. Barcelona


2024 District 13, Paris

2023 Art Madrid. N2 Gallery

2023 BBPV. Deux6, Paris

2022 District 13, Paris

2022 Deux6, Paris

2021 Finalist contest Figurativas MEAM

2021 SWAB art fair. Barcelona

2021 Stampa. Madrid
2018 Kunst Rai Art. Amsterdam
2017 Way Art Festival.
2017 Las tres gracias. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2016 Justmad. Madrid
2016 Crossroads London Art Fair
2016 Collective. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2015 SWAB art fair. Barcelona
2015 10 años at N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2015 Bares. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2015 Context Art Miami
2014 Vanitas y Bodegones. N2 Gallery. Barcelona
2014 Students show at Barcelona Academy
2013 The Brandery. Barcelona
2012 BCNXL Smithfield Gallery, UK.


UPC University - CITM

Painting program MEAM museum Barcelona

Barcelona Art Academy Resident´s Tutor 



Academy of Art Barcelona

Cinema at Pompeu Fabra

Art Therapy - Jean Pierre Klein

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